About our company

Trained – Qualified – Experienced

Polymath Solar are seasoned Solar Specialists since 2014, now bringing the solar industry together under one roof!

We have engineered several thousand solar systems and have installed more than 250 successful solutions. We use our formal training and experience to support individuals and companies to invest wisely when considering a solar/backup system.

We are now bringing our knowledge and experience to The Solar Marketplace to offer the industry honest solar- information, guidance and advice.  At the same time we create a marketplace where any and all independent solar suppliers can display and advertise their products.  Components can be marketed, viewed and safely bought from this e-commerce marketplace.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading, innovative Solar company offering quality solar solutions and facilitating supplementary value to the industry by improving the quality of solar systems through all our channels.

Our Channels

Building on the experience and expertise of the executive management, we are active in the solar value chain on multiple levels:

  • Solar Energy Consulting Services
  • Design and Engineering of Small-Scale Embedded Generators (SSEG’s)
  • Large Residential and Commercial Solar Engineering, Procurement and Construction
  • Solar Training
  • ...and now, The Solar Marketplace

Company Experience

Solar Installations

Polymath Solar has a rich history.  MyEcoFuture was our Engineering/Procurement/Construction (EPC) brand that completed numerous Small-Scaled Embedded Generators (SSEG), and installed/commissioned the following over a period of 8 years:

  • 2.35MWp PV installed
  • 2.8MWh Battery Storage
  • 250+ installations

Technologies Mastered

  • SMA                       :         23 projects
  • Victron                   :         72 projects
  • Fronius                   :         4 projects
  • SolarEdge               :         7 projects
  • Sunsynk/Deye         :         40 projects
  • Voltronic                 :         30 projects
  • Other                      :          58

Our Qualifications

We hold SAPVIA installer accreditation, as well as:

  • DGS Power Technician (2016)
  • DGS Solar Power Designer (2016)
  • PQRS P4 Accreditation (2017)
  • PV Greencard certification (2018)
  • Lecturer Green Academy 2019 to 2023
    • Super Solar School
    • Solar Professional Designer: Commercial

 We employ an electrical engineer and full-time electricians, including an Installation electrician making us fully compliant as a Solar EPC.  We have been serving the renewable energy industry for over 10 years and have completed over 250 successful Solar Installations in the residential and commercial/industrial space.

 When needed, we contract the services of a Professional Engineer (PhD) who approves our system design- and does the final commissioning approval before the final “system on” procedures (commercial projects).