The Booming Solar Market in SA, and how to benefit from it

04 Jan 2024
by Emma Klopper

We all know it is happening.

The solar industry has taken SA by storm. The cumulative installed solar capacity in South Africa have almost doubled in just over two years (from 2019 to 2022). And according to energy expert Anton Eberhard, South Africa's installed rooftop solar PV capacity increased from 983MW in March 2022 to 4,412MW in June 2023 (Ferris, 2023). This is a staggering 349 % increase in a little over a year. 

Furthermore, the South African government has set ambitious renewable energy targets, aiming to reach 18,800 MW of renewable capacity by 2030. This includes both utility-scale solar installations and smaller-scale rooftop solar systems.

A significant drop in solar components prices caused by an influx of solar panels, inverters, and batteries in the first half of 2023, together with rising electricity costs, make rooftop solar electricity generation a wise investment within reach of many a homeowner.  This boom in rooftop solar in South Africa not only gives consumers electricity sovereignty in the face of loadshedding, but also reduce dependency on the grid.

Overall, the current solar market in South Africa is expanding and has a bright future as the country continues to embrace renewable energy as a key component of its energy mix. As advocates for sustainable energy, we believe that taking a professional approach is an important consideration for the successful implementation and optimal performance of solar energy systems.

How do we ensure professional installations?

At The Solar Marketplace we invite installers to register and be evaluated to become an TSM Approved Installer. Contrary to many companies that approve installers based on the revenue they spend at the company, through The Solar Marketplace they will become an Approved Installer based on qualifications, experience, and their business model. We believe in Quality and therefor are rating installers in 5 different categories (corporate maturity, regulatory compliance, qualifications residential and commercial installation experience). The star rating they receive will put installers in a position to quote for deals backed by these objective criteria, but also enables the customer to select installers with experience and expertise that they require.

Here is why:

Professional, experienced solar installers possess the knowledge, skills, and expertise required for a safe and effective installation. Solar panels, inverters, and other related components need to be correctly interconnected and appropriately mounted to ensure optimum energy generation. A licensed and experienced solar installer understands the complexities associated with the electrical connections, varying roof types, and local regulations. This expertise reduces the risk of structural damage, fire hazards, and electrical mishaps that could potentially arise from an amateur installation.

And most of all, they are able to support their installation throughout its lifetime. This customized approach ensures that the solar system performs optimally and yields the anticipated energy output, leading to long-term cost savings and greater return on investment.

Our advice:

The involvement of professional solar installers is indispensable for the successful implementation of solar systems. Their knowledge, experience, access to quality equipment, and ability to assess site suitability collectively guarantee the safety, efficiency, and long-term performance of the solar systems. Embracing professional solar installers not only helps SA to transition towards cleaner and renewable energy sources, but also stimulates economic growth and job creation.

Lastly, the warranties from manufacturers of the main components bought through The Solar Marketplace platform are only honoured if they are installed (signed off) by an Approved Installer and a Certificate of Compliance (COC) is issued. We therefore invite customers to use the installers approved through this process to ensure regulatory compliance and peace of mind.


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